My name is Lars Musschoot, I was born on October 9th 1986 in Ostend, Belgium. When I was 11 years old my dad moved to the Canary Islands and me and my older brother, Niels, stayed in Belgium with our mother. Each school vacation me and my brother travelled to the Canary’s to visit our dad. We used to spend every day on the beach and this is when we really got in to surfing.
After a while we started surfing all year round in Belgium – which was pretty hard since we didn’t have good wetsuits.. with watertemperatures of 6° during wintertime. I must have told myself a thousand times that I wouldn’t surf any more during the winter in Belgium but an hour later I found myself back in the freezing ocean again..

When I was 14 I did my first contest and from than on I started competing in Belgian contests. After winning a couple of national titles I started doing some Pro Junior events and now I’m slowly starting to compete in the world qualifying series. A side from that I’m also travelling the world, shooting pictures and filming footage for my sponsors, which I really enjoy!
I also love promoting the surfing lifestyle and more specifically the sport of surfing!

At the moment I’m having the time of my life and I hope it keeps on moving in this direction!



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Name: cheap Ventolin Lars Musschoot
Birthday: 9/10/1986
Order Kamagra online Place of birth: Oostende
Home: buy Nolvadex online Oostende, Belgium
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Likes: surfing, internet, music, Chilling with friens, Soccer, Tennis…

Sponsors: Creatures of leisure

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– 1st place expression session surfclub Mar Azul (Fuerteventura)
– 1st place Open Seignosse contest (France)
– 2nd place Mimizan Cup (France)
– 1st place Domburg Classic (Holland)
– 3th place Surf Rumble Scheveningen(Holland)
– 1st place Islas Canarias Open (Under 18)
– 1st place Mimizan Cup (France)
– 1st place BK Sultans of Surf (Marocco)
– 2x 3th round Pro junior events
– 2nd place Domburg Classic (Holland)
– 1st place BK Moliets (France)
– 1st place Oluta Surffesta (Spain)

-1st place BK Berria (Spain)
-1st place BK Moliets (France)
-1st place Olatu surffesta (Spain)
-Round of 32 Wqs1* Tapia (Spain)
-Round of 64 Wqs4* Vendee (France)

-1st place BK Berria (Spain)
-Round of 64 Wqs5* Zarautz (Spain)
-Round of 64 Wqs4* Vendee (France)
-1/4 Finals Saltroch open (UK)
-1st place BoardX Invitational (Marocco)

-1st place Protest Pro, Belgium Pro tour Moliets (France)
-1st place Mushy Masters, Belgium Pro tour Domburg (Holland)

-8th place at the ISA European championships in Bundoran (Ireland)

-1/8 finals at the Protest Pro Wqs4* in the Vendee (France)